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why is it that when dylan sprouse and calum hood had nudes leaked everyone praised how well they handled it and attacked those who leaked them, but when over 50 female celebrities have nudes leaked, the hacker responsible is called a ‘hero’ and the victims are called ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’

oh wait

i know why

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if someone “fights like a girl” you should be absolutely terrified of them have ever seen a girl fight they’ll rip your fucking throat out with their hands while the guys are still doing that weird cobra posturing thing for five minutes 

teachers are told to get in between boys when they’re fighting because once they lose eye contact they’ll calm down but teachers are told to stay out of the way of girls fighting because they will fuck your shit up

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These are worlds that no ones ever heard about, besides the few people that have read about them in the comic books. Every little detail is from the imagination of the spectacular artist.

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